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My Cool Pets: Chihuahua - All You Need To Know About Chihuahuas

My Cool Pets: Chihuahua - All You Need To Know About Chihuahuas Review

So, what exactly is it that makes these dogs so special? Some love the dogs for their tiny sizes. Others are enthused with the age of the breed. Still others just love the personality of these small dogs. It seems that different people find something different that they deem as special about Chihuahuas that other people may or may not agree with.

The fact remains that we are just enthralled with Chihuahuas. There are essentially two types of Chihuahuas – long haired and short haired. The long haired Chihuahuas are very easy to care for, as compared to other long haired dog breeds, because they do not require any trimming or special grooming. The short haired Chihuahuas, of course, are extremely easy to care for, in terms of grooming as well.

Chihuahuas stand anywhere from six to ten inches tall, but can grow to be as tall as fifteen inches. Pure bred Chihuahuas will weigh between three and ten pounds, but those that will be shown should weigh no more than six pounds.

Chihuahuas are available in a wide variety of colors, and may be solid colored, or have splashings or markings. Patterns that are recognized by the AKC include Piebald Spotting, Irish Spotting, Sable, Brindle, Extreme White Spotting, Masks, Tan Points, and Merle.

On top of their compact size and unique history, Chihuahuas are also extremely intelligent little dogs. At the same time, they are known as high energy dogs, which mean that they seldom sit still for very long, and may even be termed as ‘nervous dogs’ by some people.

Then, of course, there is the famous Chihuahua temperament…

Learn all you need to know about these awesome dogs in this simple guide!

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