Thursday, January 5, 2012

6. The Loneliest Man on Earth (Countdown to the End of the World)

6. The Loneliest Man on Earth (Countdown to the End of the World) Review

Judith McBain and Travis Howard lived half a world apart. They have never met. Could Judith love someone she refused to believe in? Could Judith, elusive as she was beautiful, satisfy the loneliest man on Earth? Despite her reluctance, in Travis Howard's dreams, she certainly could.

...Judith was summoned to the Pentagon. She had expected it. The President had declared a state of emergency as had all world leaders. There was a new, if yet unknown epidemic that was ravaging the world. Its mechanism of action seemed to target the nervous system, especially the amygdala, regions of the brains responsible for governing emotions. However it was all speculative since there was no scientific proof of it, nor had any virus or chemical agent been isolated as a probable culprit. It was a pure hypothesis but it was the only credible one that was circulating...

From the series: Countdown to the End of the World.

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