Thursday, December 29, 2011

7. Immortality (Countdown to the End of the World)

7. Immortality (Countdown to the End of the World) Review

This is an adventure about love...unconquerable, in spite of man's attempt to dominate, defeat, and deny its existence. Love always finds a way out of the coldest heart, out of the blackest soul, out of the driest mind, and out of the blindest alley. Love always escapes death to return and start over, again and again.

Veronica Stillman lives in a not too faraway future where people have a social status based on beauty and wealth that allows them to mingle exclusively within their own circle of society. It is a future where the fortunate people have a choice to extend their lives by transplanting their thoughts and memories into androids. As Veronica becomes entangled with a seductive stranger, she ends up in a race to save her life before she becomes a victim of the growing political android movement.

“We must not give these people who are opposed to us, to the prosperity of humanity, an opportunity to group together and influence public opinion. We cannot permit people who are unable to see past their prejudices to divide us. Ignorance cannot rule and triumph simply because we are comfortable with what we know. We must learn to change. We must learn to accept this change when this change is for the betterment of humanity even if it is at our own personal expense. Relationships between androids and organics are part of this change. For every failed union, there is a negative perception that is created among the populace. We cannot give these militants any reason to further their goals. I think you understand the gravity of the situation, Veronica?”

From the series: Countdown to the End of the World
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9. The Great Organizer
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7. Immortality
6. The Loneliest Man on Earth

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