Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pets In Paradise

Pets In Paradise Review

When we lose a pet the experience is heartbreaking and emotional. In my new novel, we get a peek into 'their' Paradise, along with a glimpse of what they are up to. One thing is for sure...we never forget them and they never forget us. This is a heartwarming novel and will lift your spirit and cause you to recall any of your pets who are now having a fun time in Paradise.

A sweet book for all animal lovers, especially those who have lost a pet...soothing enjoyment filled with comforting and funny dialogues.
Cindy Barnes, Va. Beach, VA

Lighthearted, yet written with deep adoration for the animal kingdom. The explicit descriptions of the pets' capers and gestures deliver laughter and pure reading enjoyment!
Marney Sanders, Va. Beach, VA


This is a story that everyone who loves animals should read - from the moment they can read, to the day they forget how to read - in other words, every age group. It's written well enough to entertain adults, and all the kids I know would love it. It won't make you shudder in horror, bite your nails in suspense, or gnash your teeth about political stupidity. It WILL touch your heart, and I suggest you have tissues nearby, as the author expertly conveys the emotion involved in losing a beloved companion animal. Somehow, I find great comfort in imagining my beloved furry friends cavorting through a meadow in Paradise, chasing butterflies and comparing notes about the humans they spent time with. I'd give it ten stars if I could.
Amazon 5-star Review by author Lee Schultz.

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