Friday, March 23, 2012

Pet Ferret Care: How to Care for Your Ferret Like an Expert

Pet Ferret Care: How to Care for Your Ferret Like an Expert Review

Author and official ferret nut, David Rand has been offering ferret tips to the ferret community for the past 6 years. In that time over 7,000 ferret owners (and beginners) have told him they want more and he finally gave in and wrote the book on the subject. When we asked him to summarise what readers would find he said:

"If you want to find out what some of the world's top ferret experts recommend to make it easy for you to keep your ferret happy, healthy, safe, playful and pooping in the right place, this is the book for you."

Drawing from, not only his own expertise, but also from extensive interviews with some of the top ferret care specialists from places like Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia (specialists who do it for a living every day at home AND at work), this book is the culmination of that information on ferret care.

David further explained:

"This ferret care guide was created to give you the steps, tips and tricks you need to ensure that both your ferret AND you get the most fun and enjoyment out of your relationship. Imagine you really understood exactly why your ferret acts the way he does (and knew how to easily fix any bad behaviour any time you wanted to!) "

Imagine you knew how to quickly get your ferret to listen to you, keep him safe from harm, follow your instructions (AND go to the toilet where you want him to). If you know the right way to look after your ferret, it's easy!"

This book contains the information which comes from years and years of real, hands on experience - including step-by-step answers to those tricky ferret questions that you've been looking up online or trying to talk to your local pet store about and just can't seem to find the answer for.

Some of the informative sections you can find in this book are:

• Your Ferret, Your Home and Your Children
• Your Ferret's Home and Litter box
• Buying or Adopting A New Ferret
• Maintaining a Healthy & Safe Ferret
• Washing Your Ferret
• Ferret Grooming
• Ferret Behaviour
• Handling Your Ferret
• Stopping your ferret from biting, scratching and gnawing
• Travelling with Your Ferret

Just a few of the techniques covered are:
How to completely ferret proof your home to ensure that EVERYONE has a great time when your ferret is out playing.

What foods are potentially toxic to your ferret and what ones will keep him healthy.

The length of time your ferret needs to have out of his (or her) cage each day
(make sure you don't miss this one as you could have a very grouchy ferret on your hands).

A step-by-step guide to picking up your ferret correctly AND how to help your children safely handle him and have him avoid nipping them repeatedly.

The 3 commonly used items to make a ferrets sleeping area more comfortable which can BADLY damage your ferret's health (make sure you're not using these in your ferret's cage).

A complete guide to house training your ferret to go to the toilet where YOU want him to (including information on a disinfectant that can be highly toxic to ferrets if used to clean out the litter box).

Mastering the art of toilet training your ferret.

The 12 things to look for in your ferret when buying or adopting a ferret (if you don't know these, you risk buying an unhealthy ferret).

The reason why washing a ferret more often will actually make him smell WORSE - and a complete guide to how often you should really wash your ferret, including a cleanout schedule for bedding and litter box.

What cheap and readily available product you can use if your ferret is smelly (this will eliminate that strong scent easily).

A complete guide to cutting your ferrets nails – keeping your ferrets nails the right length is very important and if done badly can injure your ferret as well as any unlucky onlookers!

A comprehensive step-by-step guide to understanding the most common ferret health problems and what you can easily do to help prevent them from occurring.

How to keep your ferret comfortable, whatever the weather.

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