Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pet Loss: 10 Soothing Grief and Heartbreak Tips

Pet Loss: 10 Soothing Grief and Heartbreak Tips Review

Get this booklet if you or someone you love has experienced pet loss and wants to understand about soothing grief and coping with heartbreak. Many people do not understand the depth of the human animal bond and how profoundly someone can be affected by loosing an animal family member who crosses the rainbow bridge.

Loosing a pet can be just as difficult, traumatic and heartbreaking as losing a human family member, because they ARE family! This can be a delicate, tender, emotional and deeply personal time.

One of the greatest opportunities for people grieving is through creative self-expression and having tangible ways to cope. We all need tools to help us through the grieving process. Pet Loss affects millions of people, yet we often lack the skills to help ourselves cope with our grief.

Bereavement is a very real experience for anyone dealing with the death of a loved one, even if that someone was in a fur, scaled, feathered or finned body.

There is a profound connection that can occur between humans and animals. Often people do not have words that easily describe these encounters and relationships. Dealing with loss can be expressed in many forms. There are many ways to find direction and purpose when coping with grief and loss. Though sometimes we need some assistance, support and direction.

Help jump-start your grieving process with this booklet.

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